The Power of Item Tags

C-Store Office Item Tags allow user to customize inventory classifications any way they want.

The C-Store Office back office system allows users to categorize items in inventory by cash register department and categories.  The C-Store office price book allows users to easily create price groups and promotional groups to make pricing and promotions administration fast and efficient. 

But the C-Store Office price book also provides a unique and powerful tool to administer inventory item tags.  C-Store Office item tags allow the user to create their own custom tags to group items by whatever attributes they might wish to create.  Items can be assigned risk levels, size or location using items tags.  Items can also be tagged by store, pricing zone, division or other business classification specific to your company.

Users can even create their own tag types and group sub-categories within a given tag type.  For instance, a top level tag might be called Velocity. The Velocity tag might contain Fastest Sellers, Average Sellers, and Slow sellers sub-tags within it.  Tags can be used to identify products by tax type and tax amounts, by locations within the store, such as gondola, counter or cooler location so that sales activity by location can be easily tracked.

Whatever type or level of information you need to analyze profitability on any item in your inventory can be created and assigned by your store managers or price book administrator right in the system. C-Store Office price book tools make it easy to group items by the attributes you want to identify and tag them en masse, so that you can identify all the items you wish to track quickly, without spending hours tagging individual items.

Right now, Petrosoft engineers are also working on an advanced item tag application that will have the intelligence to tag new items automatically according to criteria you set up.

With C-Store Office, you get to decide exactly how to administer your inventory; according to the custom item tags you create to meet the unique needs of your business.