Petrosoft Inc. Travels to Two International Events

Petrosoft Inc. Travels to Two International Events

PITTSBURGH, Pa.- During the first week of June, Petrosoft Inc. CEO, Sergey Gorlov, traveled to Europe to attend the Uniti Expo in Stuttgart, Germany, and the NACS Insight Convenience Summit-Europe in London, England. The events are key in the global advancement and marketing of Petrosoft Inc.’s core products C-Store Office, Fuel-Central, POSPro, and Qwickserve and serves as a great opportunity to network with other industry leaders and international customers.

The Uniti Expo, June 3rd-5th, was Europe’s first international trade fair dedicated to the retail and commercial fuel handling business. Major equipment and service companies were in attendance as well as oil companies, vendors, and visitors from a number of countries on nearly every continent.

The NACS Insight Convenience Summit-Europe, previously known as the Future of Convenience Conference, combined two industry leaders, NACS and Insight Research, to enhance the conference experience. The main event took place June 4th and 5th in London and featured international retailer roundtables and important overviews of industry development.

Petrosoft Inc. gained information on international practice sharing and received extensive international connections of both retailers and suppliers during the shows. We look forward to continuing to grow within the international market and expand the geographical range of C-Store Office, Fuel-Central, POSPro, and Qwickserve.

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