NFL Quarterback Charlie Batch wants to know about Petrosoft’s exceptional growth

NFL Quarterback Charlie Batch and Jonathan Kersting of Pittsburgh Technology Council want to know more about Petrosoft on techVIBE this Saturday 1/26/13 on 104.7 FM at noon. We are experiencing 85% increase in sales and hiring in virtually every department thanks to the C-StoreOffice® exceptional growth! And Petrosoft’s Fuel-Central software is gaining rapid recognition of the Fuel distribution industry. Cloud-based, available on mobile platforms, scalable to one or multiple locations, C-Store Office is the program of choice for those Gas Stations & C-Stores that have tried it, and Fuel-Central is the buzz of the Fuel Distribution sector.

Our VP of sales Tegar Harrington answers Charlie Batch’s and Jonathan Kersting’s upbeat, witty questions about the business. Referrals are at the all-time high and we like nothing better than a satisfied customer recommending our product. We make it easy for our customers to take their business elsewhere any time they want due to our software-as-a-service pricing model. Petrosoft prides itself on making it a point not to lock the customers in with a high entry price tag and on delivering exceptional customer service. Hence the hiring plans.

Check the 15-min podcast to find out more!