Introducing NACS 2013 “Cool New Product”: Qwickserve™ – Food Service Simplified!

Need back office software? Find out what C-Store Office® back office software can do for you!
View C-Store Office® demo at the biggest event of the industry! Booth 3923

October 12-15, 2013: NACS show in Atlanta, GA, BOOTH #3923

If you’re looking for the perfect back office software system for your business, you need to visit Petrosoft’s booth at the NACS show. We have doubled our customer base since the beginning of this year again, come see what we are doing right!

Introducing QwickServe™, Petrosoft’s “Cool New Product”!

QwickserveTM from Petrosoft

Food Service Simplified NACS 2013 Cool New Product

We’d like to invite you to visit us at Booth #3923 for a demo of our new product Qwickserve™, or of the C-Store Office®, where you’ll get to see live data from a convenience store and gas station business that is currently operating. At Petrosoft, we believe that using live data during our demoes allows you to really get a feel for the system, watching how it works as though you are the business’ current owner, looking at your business’ key performance indicators, like your inventory, shift reports, GPM, turns, and more!

Gas Station, C-Store Software for SUCCESS

Demo Real Store Operations

Petrosoft not only develops this back office system, but manages 20 company-owned c stores and petroleum retail locations, all of which consistently beat industry performance averages. And now your business can do too with C-Store Office®!

The gas station and convenience store industry needs data to survive, and needs to understand that data to prosper, but since most modern businesses carry over four thousand items in their inventories, it takes a well-working system to manage all of that data effectively. Plus, not only is retail inventory large, it’s always changing, as customers purchase items and vendors come up with new promotions every day. This is why you need back office software, and your business deserves the best back office software – C-Store Office®!

C-Store Office® provides you with over 200 daily reports, and our cloud-computing technology lets you manage your business from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. Best of all, C-Store Office® comes with enterprise-level capabilities for a one-location business price!

Stop by to see C-Store Office® a try at NACS in October. But if you can’t wait, you can also request a free demo of C-Store Office® on this page.