Starting a Convenience Store Made Easy – Part 2

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Starting a convenience store is a process. Once you have your inventory, POS and tracking system, the next step is to develop a price book. With Petrosoft’s C-Store Office®, setting up a price book is easy, even for C-store newbies. With C-Store Office®, you can acquire a list of items from vendors and scan items with a hand held device. The system will automatically pull items from the “global price book software.” This software contains over 250,000 UPC’s with suggested retail prices, taking the guesswork out of pricing. As invoices come in, C-Store Office® will automatically update the price book – no manual data entry on your part! The great part about C-Store Office® is the customization tool – you can set up departments, categories and groups the way you want and even use custom tags. You can also set promotional pricing in advance for a given period – helpful when you are putting together marketing for a grand opening. With C-Store Office®, even a non-tech savvy individual can build a price book quickly.

Another thing to think about when starting a convenience store is managing lottery sales if your state offers one. With the C-Store Office® lottery management module, you can easily set up games in the system and enter information about sales, purchases and payouts. Cashiers can scan instant tickets at the register and you can enter sales information about online games, so that all lottery data is refreshed at the end of every shift.

There are many expenses involved with starting a convenience store and a back office software should be the priority one, but it does not need to be a big expense trumping the business capital outlay, creating more spending than absolutely necessary. Utilizing internet-based, cloud technology, C-Store Office® does not require any investment of software of hardware. There is no initial investment or implementation cost, just a low monthly subscription fee that can be renewed month to month and is less than the cost of a monthly phone bill.

Request a Petrosoft rep to show you how to make starting a convenience store easy with the Not Your Average Free Demo, using data from an operational gas station and convenience store, a shift accepted just hours prior to the viewing. See below an example of the information used during the demo:

Inventory management with C-Store Office TM