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Do you have any gas stations or convenience stores for sale or lease, but can’t seem to attract any buyers? Do you want a convenience store or gas station job, or have any positions open at your c store or petroleum retail business? Need help finding financing, want a business partner, or want to discuss current industry events? If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then you need to visit the newest FREE portal from Petrosoft, creator of the C-Store Office back office software system.

Petrosoft created to cater to all the needs of our customers and colleagues in convenience store and gas station sector, making it a great resource for rookies and industry veterans alike! At, you can create and post your own online advertisements on the appropriate page. Creating and posting ads on is fast and simple, and completely free of charge! And because hundreds of people go to every day, each ad posted on our website gets a lot of traffic, so it shouldn’t be long before you start getting contacted about the ads you have posted.

If you was to buy a gas station or c store, just go to the ‘Buy’ page of US Gas Station For Sale and post your ad. You can have as many or as few details in your ad as you want – for example, you can indicate where you want your future business to be, if you want any property attached to the business, as well as what kind of business you’re looking for. If you want to buy a gas station or c store, then this is the page for you, since it’s the perfect way to contact people with c stores or gas stations for sale that you are interested in purchasing.

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Want to discuss current events that effect the gas station and c store industry? Then go to the ‘Blog’ page of, which is the page where you can talk to other people in the business about issues like credit card fees or which back office software works the best for your business, or use our members’ collective years of industry experience to seek business advice.

So if you’re in the gas station and convenience store business, go to today – post an ad of your own, or browse through the existing ads, and get involved!