Petrosoft has convenience store software that you can take anywhere!

Convenience Store Software

Analytics from a gas station and c-store chain

Petrosoft is the manager of 20 company-owned gas stations and convenience stores, and has come up with an internet-based back office convenience store software program that was made to take care of all of your back office needs – C-Store Office®. This back office software is cloud-based, view your store data from anywhere.

C-Store Office® puts you back in control of your business, and eliminates manual data entry, so you won’t have to worry about errors in your data or spending hours on back office paperwork anymore. C-Store Office® has inventory management software that makes it easy to see when you have slow-selling or dead inventory that you can then quickly replace with more profitable products. With C-Store Office® as your convenience store software, you’ll soon find that shrinkage and other operating losses are things of the past, and that you’re managing your inventory much more efficiently than ever before.

C-Store Office® is an internet-based convenience store software, meaning you can manage your business from any computer with an internet connection and Windows XP or newer. And with the back office software mobile app, you can access your valuable retail data right from your smart phone or tablet device.

To learn more about Petrosoft’s convenience store software, call us at 888-306-0640. Or request your free demo of C-Store Office® today from this page!