Convenience Store Automation is key to success and it can be easy.

Convenience Store Automation with C-store Office TM

C-Store Office TM back office software

Managing a convenience store can be a time consuming headache but if you own and/or manage multiple locations, having a system in place for Convenience Store Automation is imperative for running an efficient operation, and for growing the profits in the current sluggish economy. With Petrosoft’s C-Store Office®, you can automate your back office processes quickly across many stores while cutting costs, reducing manual time expense and improving profitability.

In the “good old days” convenience stores carried a few hundred items, there were no lotteries and gas prices were somewhat stable. Now an average C-store may stock over 4000 items, prices change daily; there are state and intrastate “Powerball” games with varying payout dates and rules and fuel prices yo-yo like the stock market. With C-Store Office®, Convenience Store Automation is easy. Inventory management part of the program allows you to have access to item level data. Ordering can be done automatically, saving your managers’ time, allowing bottom line optimization. With item level, per store data, adjustments can be made to account for differences in each location’s sales. By basing ordering off actual inventory levels rather than guesstimates or enterprise level buying, we have seen our customers routinely slash inventory levels by as much as 20% to 30%.

Multiplying the savings by many locations will free up substantial money in the budget to invest in your business, but this software is designed to optimize a one-store business just as well as a chain. One store can achieve thousands of dollars increase in monthly revenue through efficient ordering and inventory management alone, and other useful features. Many of our users also love the price book feature – see here a customer testimonial – which automatically catches price changes and allows for manager approval before registers are updated. Tools embedded in the software make it easy to run price promotions over multiple stores, whether or not they are geographically far apart or just minutes away from each other. C-Store Office® also gives you access to over 200 reports updated every shift on inventory, pricing, employee hours, expenses, and financials so you know daily what’s going on with each location. With access to up-to-date data for every shift, it is easy to catch and fix problems quickly before they spread throughout your operation. Here is how the owner the North Carolina C-store chain, Handy Mart, slashed costs and increased profitability with C-Store Office®.

Convenience Store Automation is available at your fingertips with C-Store Office®. Because the internet-based system utilizes cloud computing, you can access your reports on your personal computer, smart phone or tablet. You’ll find that you don’t have to spend all day running from office to office. Manage your stores from home…or on the beach or golf course!

Convenience Store Automation does not have to be expensive or require hiring a crew of IT folks to manage your system. With C-Store Office®, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on extra equipment or software licenses multiplied by many locations. All that is required is a monthly subscription, no license, or sign up fees are needed. Installations can takes as little as two hours and personnel are trained online so they can be up to speed quickly without pulling them away from the stores for hours of classes. Updates are done automatically. Here is what one of our users has to say about how easy it is to get started.

Sign up for C-Store Office and spend more time in the front of the store – not the back office. Request a Free Demo on this page. Above is an example of the demoed info from a currently operating business.