Looking for a Back Office Software? Find us in TEXAS!

May 6-10, 2013: NACS Tech event in Dallas, TX, BOOTH #304
May 9-10, 2013: SW Fuel and Convenience Expo in Fort Worth, TX, BOOTH #708.

C-Store Office® is a MUST see for the visitors looking for back office software. What gives us the confidence to make this claim? The fact and the matter is that we use this back office management program to manage 20 company-owned locations, which consistently beat industry performance averages. We invite prospective customers to view this software with the data from a currently operating gas station and convenience store business the same way its current owner is looking at this business’ key performance indicators: GPM, turns, inventory, and much much more.

A Not Your Average Product Demo.
As you may see from the example below, this business offers great performance,
largely owed to the C-Store Office® back office software.

Inventory management with C-Store Office TM

Gas Station and convenience store management are data-intense by nature. Inventory levels of 4,000 items are not unusual, and it is humanly impossible to manage vast data like that efficiently. Inventory is not only vast, but constantly changing, and new promotions are introduced by the manufacturers every day. Assembling, sorting, analyzing and making sense of all that data is a constant and daunting task and that is where back office software comes into play.

200+ smart reports, mobile application, small business price, with enterprise-level capability, is what C-Store Office® back office software offers. Could- and SaaS-based, constantly innovated, this program allows to propel your business to confidence levels above average. Give it a try at the show, or request a Free Product Demo on this page.