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Gas Station, C-Store Software for SUCCESS

Demo Real Store Operations

September 3-5, 2013: exhibiting at POC 2013 in L.A. LIVE, CA, BOOTH #1305
September 11-12, 2013: exhibiting at GACS in Macon, GA, BOOTH #305

C-Store Office® is the go-to booth for anyone and everyone who’s looking for a fantastic back office software system. Petrosoft currently manages 20 company-owned c store and gas station locations, all of which consistently beat industry performance averages, so we have all the years of industry experience you need to get your business on the path to success! Prospective customers can view our software for themselves, and see data from a real gas station and convenience store business, one that’s actually operating, so they can look at this business’ key performance indicators, such as its GPM, turns, inventory, and more – just like the business’ current owner sees the very same data!

Successful gas stations and convenience stores have always owed their success to keeping track of data. And this has only gotten more prevalent with the rise of modern technology, which can help business owners manage inventory levels of several thousand items at one time. Despite the fact that inventory is typically not only massive, but also in a constant state of change, with items being sold and new price promotions being released all the time, it is possible for you to manage that much data effectively and efficiently. Making sense of this invaluable retail data is exactly the task that led to the creation of back office software systems like C-Store Office®!

C-Store Office® gives you over 200 daily data reports, and comes with a mobile app, and starts at a small business price with enterprise-level capabilities. Cloud- and SaaS-based, C-Store Office® is constantly being updated and advanced, which allows this back office system to make your business better than ever before!

You can give it a try at the show, or request a free product demo on this page or via phone 1-800-306-0640.