Convenience store Price Book

Price book set up is fast and easy

Even if you’ve never done scanning or maintained a price book before, C-Store Office software will make the transition easy for you. Our centralized price book contains over 250,000 UPCs with suggested retail pricing and all the item data your convenience store needs.

  • You can customize your version of the price book software including your specific inventory items and pricing.
  • If you already maintain a price book, we can swap in your pricing automatically.
  • If you don’t currently maintain a price book, you can scan in current inventory with a hand held device, get a list of items from your EDI suppliers, and pull items from our global price book software.
  • As invoices come in from your suppliers, C-Store Office will automatically update your price book to keep pricing data fresh and accurate.

By combining these methods, even inexperienced users can build a price book quickly.  Our specially designed Price Book wizard will make this job easy and intuitive.

C-Store Office keeps your pricing up to date automatically

C-Store Office keeps your price book and registers up to date with powerful features that give you complete control.

  • You can set price changes and promotions in advance for any given period.
  • Our Cleanup Tool removes old items from cash registers automatically.
  • From EDI invoices, C-Store Office automatically updates cost and retail changes as needed.
  • C-Store Office software issues a cost exception report whenever costs go up or differ from the negotiated cost.

A Price Book that You Control

C-Store Office gives you the power to manage pricing the way you want. You can:

  • Set up departments and categories they way you want.  Add, edit or delete departments and categories and move items between departments and categories at will.
  • Manage prices by price group, custom group, price zone, store, or by location or division.
  • You can also create custom tags yourself to group items any way you want.  Create tags like “counter display” or “cooler #1″, for example. All reports will reflect your customer groups.
  • Set up your own promotions and buydowns easily and quickly using our promotions tools.