The benefits of Cloud Computing

C-Store Office is a 100% internet-based SaaS application.  These days, people have begun to refer to this type of application as Cloud Computing, that is, having your application software located at a high security website in the internet Cloud, rather than through a private network at your own location, or on your own PC.

C-Store Office system takes full advantage of internet technology to offer you the most cost-effective back office software package available via the most cost-efficient medium.

  • You don’t need expensive IT staff or technical consultants.
  • We do upgrades and maintenance on the web site, not on your computer.
  • Your site is hosted in a high-security SAS70 compliant data center with state of the art safety, electronic and physical protection for your data.
  • And every time you log on, the newest improvements are ready to use at no added cost to you.

We built a secure, reliable infrastructure, so you don’t have to.

Petrosoft’s web hosting infrastructure was built to maintain continuous service to all Petrosoft customers under all circumstances, including total failure of the main site at the company’s data center.

  • We employ redundant servers, including hot-site redundancy for immediate cutover to a fully functional back-up site in case of a disaster.
  • Petrosoft replicates servers and other critical hardware at multiple locations to guard against any single point of failure.
  • All production servers are located at SAS-70 Type II and PCI-DSS compliant data centers specially designed to provide uninterrupted HVAC, power supply, connection to the internet and physical security.
  • We constantly update our servers and database technology so you have an abundance of data storage with blazing internet speed. Our most recent tests showed that our home page loads in 0.9 seconds on average.  With C-Store Office, you will spend less time waiting and more time working on your business.

Daily data back-ups

Tape backups are made daily of the customers database. Duplicate tapes are then made and stored in an offsite vault. Additionaly, if the customer has a server, by request, we will backup the database to their server.

Total security for your data

Petrosoft, LLC. guarantees the best security available for your data, period! Data transmission is accomplished using Secure Socket Lock (SSL) 256-bit encryption, the best Internet security tool available. Data access is monitored by three levels of intrusion detection.