Fight theft, reduce shrinkage

The C-Store Office powerful store inventory management tools make it easy to spot shrinkage as it happens and avoid large losses.

C-Store Office helps you establish procedures to track, control and reduce store inventory losses instantly.

  • You can track store inventory by category, or by item, depending on risk level.
  • Useful tools make it easy to create custom inventory cycle count tickets and enter physical counts into the back office system, making it convenient to do item counts of cigarettes, beer or other at-risk categories as often as necessary.
  • Integration with hand held devices such as the Symbol and DC5 scanners make it easy for store employees to reconcile physical inventory and process deliveries at the item level.
  • Detailed shift reports and transaction logs show every transaction on every register. You see every void and no sale on every shift, and know which employees worked each shift.

Some C-Store Office customers have reduced shrinkage from 5% of gross sales to about 0.5% in only 6 months.