Optimize store Inventory

Slash inventory levels

C-Store Office software has powerful convenience store inventory tracking and ordering tools that push store employees to constantly improve their work with store inventory.  C-Store Office store inventory management software will help store employees maximize turn and slash inventory levels by improving inventory quality and weeding out dead and slow-moving items.

  • Detailed, by-item reports show fastest moving, average and slow moving items and identify dead items with just one click.
  • C-Store Office inventory control software identifies overstocks and under stocks in item-level detail, too.
  • Computer assisted ordering increases the quality of store inventory, eliminating dead items and overstocks which lead to spoilage, breakage and theft.
  • Dozens of reports on convenience store inventory status help determine optimal stocking levels, recalculate store inventory value and spot pricing problems quickly. C-Store Office software identifies low margin items and lowest cost suppliers for items you buy.
  • With C-Store software store inventory optimization is easy and controllable process.
  • C-Store Office software will help you slash store inventory levels up to 50% and improve inventory quality to keep convenience store sales volume high. That means higher profit, more turns and less shrinkage. On average, C-Store Office customers experience a 4% increase in Gross Profit Margin!

C-Store Office is Store Inventory Software that Saves Time and Money

C-Store Office has powerful inventory tracking and ordering tools that helps improve the quality of your employees work within the store and inventory management.