EDI and Invoice Processing

Never process another invoice again – ever!

C-Store Office back office software automates invoice processing in multiple ways to reduce your paperwork load and make your business more efficient. This gives your employees the data to track at risk categories by item, making inventory and financial data more accurate.

EDI with larger vendors

EDI is a great time saver and C-Store Office invoice processing software can allow you to do EDI with any supplier who can deliver an electronic invoice. You don’t have to do a thing. The vendor sends the invoice to us, and we process and post it right to your pending invoices file on your C-Store Office web site. All invoice data is there, right down to the item level and you can correct errors and update your price book right from the invoice itself. It couldn’t be easier and as more and more suppliers adopt EDI standards, you’ll save enormous amounts of time in dealing with large invoices from major vendors.

Petrosoft full service invoice data processing

But chances are, you still have a number of vendors who work with paper, and processing paper invoices is one labor-intensive chore that C-Store Office invoice processing services can eliminate! Use our C-Store Office full service option to eliminate paper invoice processing entirely.

Here’s how it works:

  • Just scan paper invoices on a standard desktop printer/scanner.
  • Then, upload the scanned files to your C-Store Office data archive.
  • Our data entry technicians will key in the item level invoice data for you and drop the completed invoice into your pending invoices file. That’s all there is to it!

Contact us at 1-888-306-0640 to learn more about this great optional service.

Hand-held devices work with C-Store Office

C-Store Office can provide you a seamless connection to several hand-held scanners, too. The interface will allow your employees to count existing inventory and scan new inventory into the store. Employees can transmit the data to C-Store Office with the push of a button. Your inventory will be accurate and new purchase data will go into your system fast. C-Store Office works with a number of professional level devices that are used by national inventory companies and are the standard of efficiency and accuracy. Excellent products such as the Symbol MC 3090 and 9090 wireless scanners and DC5 inventory scanners are compatible with C-Store Office.