C-Store Office Mobile App

Now iPhone and Android users can have access to their store data whenever they want it, wherever they are.

The C-Store Office Mobile App lets C-Store Office subscribers see comprehensive store and fuel sales data, profits, inventories and purchases right on their iPhone,® iPad® or Android® devices.  For busy, on-the-go executives and owners it is the ideal tool for keeping up to date with all of your locations.  CSO Mobile allows the flexibility to manage multiple stores or a single location right from a Smart Phone. Fuel and store inventories and profits are always just one a click away.

Stay on top of your fuel business data at all times.

Users will always know exactly how the fuel side of the business is doing with fuel inventories, sales volume, profit margins and projected delivery schedules right in the palm of their hand.

  • View key performance indicators for every shift at every location.  See sales, profits and pool margin for the latest shift.  Tap on any figure to see detailed historical information for any time period.
  • See your closing inventory for the latest shift ad well as your next projected delivery data.
  • A detailed graphic tracks the closing inventory of the latest shift, the projected next delivery date and run out date for each tank.  A simple swipe on the screen will also display a history of past loads and projections for upcoming loads, too.
  • Users can conveniently swipe, zoom or unzoom on various charts to key in on specific details or view the big picture.

Manage in-store business effectively while on the go.

The convenience store business runs 24/7.  Stores can’t stop just because owners or managers are away, but the can keep up with business easily with the C-Store Office Mobile app.

  • Users see key performance indicators for each store.  Just tap on sales, GPM, Profit or inventory to see detailed reports on vital information like Profit contribution by category.
  • Click on any category in the display to scroll down to the category details for more information.
  • Helpful tags let users select the criteria they want to view for each location so they can quickly locate data on inventory shortages, store GPM and profits at each location.

Convenient, Powerful Management Tools help CSO Mobile users stay ahead of the curve.

Owners can’t be everywhere at once, but with the CSO Mobile app, they can know what is going on at each location.

  • View detailed shift reports for each location that summarize fuel, store and lottery sales, show itemized sales data by category and cash reconciliation and credit card batch data.
  • Keep in touch with everyone in the organization no matter where you are with a directory that allows senior management to dial store managers with one click, contains address and e-mail info and even stores maps to each store location.

 Easy Sign-up for C-Store Office Customers

Try the free C-Store Office Mobile App for your C-Store office account today.  Visit the iTunes Store or the Android Google Play App Store.  Follow the app instructions on how to add your account to the app and put C-Store Office at your side anytime, anywhere.

To have your store connected to CSO Mobile, you must have a C-Store Office subscription.

Not a C-Store Office Customer?

That’s OK.  We would still like to invite you to check out the power of C-Store Office Mobile to give you total control over your business anytime, from anywhere.  Just use the links above to download the app.  The app comes with a 5-store demo account pre-loaded, so you can see how CSO Mobile could work for your business.  Just click on “Demo Account”  and get instant c-store business intelligence right on your iPhone or Android with CSO Mobile!

To learn more about the C-Store office back office system itself, call us at 888-306-0640 or order a free demo right from our site.