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There are 3 steps that show your employees direct appreciation. This isn’t some vague pat on the back. It turns out there are some specific steps that can help you. When recognizing an employee, tell them something specific that they did or do that you recognize as important to the business. Tell them why it matters to you and that you appreciation their hard work. Not so hard, and the benefit to the business will be noticeable.

The 3 Steps to Employee Appreciation
1. State in specific terms exactly what they did or do that you noticed.
2. Tell them why their action is important to the team and business.
3. Let them know that it matters to you, and you appreciate their work.

C-Store Office can also play a critical role in your back office, which can drive your team and business development

C-Store Office from Petrosoft was created by convenience store owners, just like you, to help you save time and make more money. It is a powerful internet-based back office system that delivers big business power at a small business price

C-Store Office
* Manage Inventory and reduce shrinkage with detailed tracking by store, category, or item.
* Increase GPM and add thousands of extra dollars to your bottom line every month with optimal stocking levels and automatic ordering tools.
* You have full EDI capabilities, so you can communicate electronically with your suppliers.
* No extra set up costs or licensing fees, monthly subscription available
* Access the secure site from your web browser, no need for IT personnel

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