Inventory Software is an Essential Ingredient to Your Success

These days, convenience store inventory has become a key ingredient in a business’s success. Manage it well and your profitability will soar. Manage it poorly and you may find yourself out of business very quickly. And, given the size and variety of most c-store inventories these days, plus the complex demands of managing multiple promotions and programs, inventory software becomes a real necessity. Trying to manage a challenge as large, complex and fast-moving as store inventory can be a nightmare without it.

C-Store Office from Petrosoft is an internet-based back office system that offers powerful tools to help businesses manage financials, staff expenses, inventory ordering, fuel pricing, margins and sales projections as well as a host of other critical business issues. C-Store Office also offers an outstanding suite of inventory software tools that can make your life much easier and your business more profitable. C-store Office really lets you see what is going on with your inventory at item level, so you can make informed decisions about what items to invest in—and just as importantly—what not to invest in.

You get reports that allow you to see dead items, understocked and overstocked goods by item, so you and can effectively spot the poor performers that tie your money up on the shelves and keep you from being able to reinvest it in your business. And C-Store Office inventory software will also make sure you always have an adequate supply of the popular items that keep customers coming through your doors. C-Store Office makes us of the item level data it can collect to create automatic orders for you. These orders will be based on the actual quantities of items on your shelves, not on a store manager’s guesswork or what a salesman thinks you should buy. C-Store Office inventory software projects real demand and gives you minimum stocking levels for each item in an order. This means that you order store inventory based on what’s really needed on your shelves.

The whole issue of inventory management is a tricky one and needs to be properly understood if you are going to succeed in the c-store business. Any good investment business people make is going to increase in value over time. Store inventory however, does just the opposite. Over time, its value tends to decrease, not increase. Factors like shrinkage and spoilage decrease inventory value and some products become obsolete if they sit on the shelves for too long. The faster you move inventory the healthier your business will be. Slow moving inventory, however is eating your cash up as it sits there.

Effective inventory software is the best investment you can make in future profitability. It will help you control the ordering process, spot problems like overstocks and under stocks and make sure you inventory investment is as “lean and mean” as it can possibly be. C-Store Office from Petrosoft is the back office system that offers the most sophisticated inventory software in the industry today. It delivers big business power at a price any business can afford and will help you manage your inventory for maximum profitability.