Five Steps to Problem Solving

Some businesses struggle with the same problems year after year. This wastes an incredible amount of time and money.  The reason for this failure to resolve problems generally revolves around the group’s lack of a cohesive problem solving process. Jumping to conclusions or ignoring the problem just will not work.  You need a step by step process that will allow you to reach the best decision possible. Understanding and utilizing a comprehensive approach to problems will ensure that your convenience store can progress past old issues and start to accomplish the kinds of tasks you will need to grow.

5 Steps to Problem Solving to help you now

 1. Define the problem. – Many teams that do not have a process begin problem solving by looking for solutions.  But, clearly defining the real problem is the first step.  Everyone understanding the scope of a problem will ensure the team is focused on what you, as a leader, and they as a team need to fix.  

 2. Determine the cause. – Clearly defining the problem starts the process, and then determining the cause or causes is the next logical stepIt is hard to begin a solution phase without fully understanding the issue that is creating the problem in the first place.

 3.  Develop the Solution. – Developing a solution may actually start with the team coming up with a host of possible solutions, and then deciding on the best one for this particular problem.  Brainstorming solutions can help you look at a number of alternatives before the right solution is selected.

 4.  Implementation. – Coming up with a game plan for implementation will involve listing responsibilities, actions and dates to make sure your solution goes off without a hitch.  Implementation can be fraught with complexities, or simple, depending on the problem, its causes, and the solution. 

 5. Measure results. – Monitoring the results of your implementation will allow your solution to be successful.  You may find that the process needs some adjustments to stay on course, or hopefully it is working fine. 

Having a reliable problem solving process will help you build a stronger team, and carry out the important growth tasks that help you succeed as a business. How are you and your team going to address issues like reducing shrinkage, and increasing your profit margins? Deciding on C-Store Office can dramatically improve your chances of success this year.  

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