Coaching Convenience Store Employees

 Many people only think of “coaching” as some exotic form of management used by corporations, but it can be so much more.  Coaching has a broad horizon and application that can be utilized by leaders of big and small businesses. One on one coaching can provide a unique additive to your team’s success.  Sure it takes time and focus, but you are not only helping to improve the employee you are coaching, you are building an improvement culture in your convenience store.  You can learn and use coaching skills to positively affect the employees that are part of your convenience store team.  It can be used to motivate, challenge, lead, and teach employees to think and act on growth opportunities for the betterment of themselves and your convenience store business.  Coaching employees up can have a dramatic effect on your team’s overall performance and the environment of your store for employees and customers alike.  Want to learn some success coaching basics?

Coaching success to help you now

 1. Take a skills inventory.  Look at the individual job functions of team members in your store.  If you were to place a list of the skills needed to perform each position optimally next to an objective assessment of the employee, how do they stack up?  Are they good at handling tasks on their own?  Do they possess strong communication and customer skills? Can they handle unexpected challenges to their duties?  These are only examples; you may have other criteria for your specific team members. The key is to objectively look for skill improvement opportunities to coach up.

 2. Develop the “Game Plan” – To coach employees you have to develop an individual game plan that is specific to their needs and will be used to guide them to improved performance. Your game plan will outline the specific training, and other ways you can teach or motivate them to improve.

  3.  Implement your training program – You can increase skills by explaining what you want them to do, showing them how to do it, guiding and observing them while they try the new task, and then giving them useful feedback and encouragement. Remember you are not just training a skill; you are encouraging and motivating them.  Even if some of the tasks seem mundane to them at first, remind them that gaining skills and knowledge will become part of their work experience and help develop work ethics that will serve them well into the future.

 4. Evaluate results.  Monitoring the results of your coaching program will allow your system and employee to be successful.  You may find that the process needs some adjustments, or it is working fine.  It is a commitment to improving each part of the team that contributes to your full team’s success.

 Coaching will help you build a stronger team, and carry out the important growth tasks that help you succeed as a business. How are you and your team going to address issues like reducing shrinkage, and increasing your profit margins? Deciding on C-Store Office can dramatically improve your chances of success this year.  

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