Five Characteristics of Effective Goals

Providing clear direction for your team’s growth is one of your major responsibilities as a leader. Using these 5 time- tested characteristics of effective goal setting will provide a logical framework for you to do this job. Before utilizing the 5 points, start by considering your mission as a business and overall long term growth plan.  What milestones would you like to achieve in the next year?  Are you going to reduce shrinkage? Do you want to increase your gross profit margin?  In other words, what areas should you focus your goal setting on, to help you progress as a business?

The 5 Characteristics of Effective Goals

1. Specific – Your goal has to be specific.  Some vague notion of wanting to be bigger next year is not specific.  It’s like a dieter saying they want to lose some weight.  It’s too vague.  How much weight do they want to lose? How much bigger can you grow as a convenience store business?

2. Measurable – The goal has to be measurable.  You have to be able to measure your progress with accessible numbers that are directly indicative and meaningful to your pursuit.

3. Achievable – Is the goal achievable for you as a business? Reducing shrinkage to zero may not be achievable, or as our next step says, realistic.

4. Realistic – When looking at past performance and growth, is your goal realistic? Remember what I said earlier about too high or too low goals. They only serve to frustrate a high functioning team.

5. Time Oriented – Breaking goals into measurable, achievable, and realistic portions by a certain time provides the team a roadmap to progress.

Setting goals that can be monitored with weekly and monthly numbers will help you adjust strategies to real world conditions.

Setting effective goals is one part of the equation.  Having the proper tools for your convenience store to reach its goals is another.  Isn’t it time you looked at C-Store Office from Petrosoft?

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