C-Store Office makes running a convenience store easier

In today’s environment, the job of running a convenience store is very different from in the past. The days of managing just a couple of hundred items are long gone. Today’s c-store market has changed from corner store to big business. Retailers today manage stores with thousands and thousands of items and ever changing costs on virtually every order they make. Volatile fuel prices, overworked staff and slow or inaccurate data coming from the store make it virtually impossible to have a highly profitable business.
The good news is, there is a solution to running a convenience store efficiently and profitably—the C-Store Office back office system from Petrosoft. C-Store Office can help retailers raise profit margins, lower staffing costs, eliminate shrinkage and get item-level control over inventory. With C-Store Office, running a convenience store properly can go from nearly impossible to an easily manageable task.
This internet-based back office system allows you to get up-to-date data on every shift, so you can always spot problems quickly and remedy them before they turn into disasters. Over 150 reports on every shift update inventory, pricing, employee hours, expenses, and financials so you always know what’s going on with the business at the end of every day, not two weeks after the month ends.
C-Store Office gives you complete control over your inventory at item-level, so you can spot over stocks, understocked or out of stock items on every shift. You can track book to actual inventory easily and accurately, and have the ability to continuously improve your inventory quality. C-Store Office also can do automatic ordering, so you will have the ability to place orders based not on your manager’s best guess or on a salesman’s recommendation, but on what’s actually on your shelves. C-Store Office will know what you have on hand, what your minimum stock should be at any time, and exactly what you need to order on every item, no more and no less. The result for your business will be better inventory quality because you can see reports on slow movers and dead items and weed them out of store inventory. You will also have the information you need to make sure you are stocking fast moving items in sufficient quantities.
Perhaps most importantly, you will reduce the amount of inventory in the store by as much as 30 to 50%. That will dramatically impact your cash flow and having less inventory on hand reduces shrinkage and spoilage significantly, too.
Managing fuel inventory and pricing is also a key to running a convenience store profitably and C-Store Office will help you on the fuel side of the business, too. C-Store Office can interface with your ATG, track sales and purchases and computer your actual pool margin on each grade of fuel every day. In this era of volatile fuel prices that means you will always know what your current margin is and be able to price your fuel accurately. C-Store Office will also compute SIR data and create reports automatically, saving you time and effort.
Running a convenience store will always be a challenge. But with the C-Store Office back office system from Petrosoft, it will be a challenge you can meet successfully.