The 5 Steps Managers Miss in Handling Productivity

 Productivity Problems

Productivity problems with employees are easy to spot.  They will involve a quality or quantity issue.  The employee is not producing enough widgets, or they aren’t producing widgets of standard quality.  Of course I’m using the term widgets, but you can substitute in any task item that employees are expected to produce at a certain quality or quantity.  Generally managers will point out the problem and tell the employee what to do.  At other times a manager will fail to address the problem in any meaningful way.  Both methods are wrong! Handling the production problem in a logical approach will alleviate the problem, improve employee performance, and help to build a stronger team.

The 5 of Handling Productivity Problems

1. Start Specific – Start the meeting by telling the employee specifically what the production problem is.  “Bill currently you are producing 17 widgets a day.  The standard is 20.”  You didn’t say “you have to work harder, or you’re not doing enough.” You simply start by stating the production problem in numeric terms.

2. Ask Reason – The next step is you asking what the reason is for this happening.  Many managers jump to conclusions or guess, or worse yet simply start to tell them what to do.  Slow down and find out what the employee says is the reason.  Believe it or not, occasionally they might say something you did not think of yet. 

3. What is the Solution? After they tell you why they think this is occurring, ask them how they think they can solve the problem. Remember the problem belongs to them.  You as the manager also have an opportunity to add ways the problem could be solved.

4. Settle Action – Some managers think that by simply addressing the issue they are done. Wrong, you have to now provide clear direction on carrying out a solution to solve this problem. Be specific on what you want the employee to do now to bring their productivity up to par.

5. Check Back – Having the meeting and devising a solution are great, but you have to check back to make sure the solution is actually working.  Make sure that you tell the employee to come back if they notice the solution is not working before you do, so you can help develop another way to solve the problem, or make adjustments to your first solution.  

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