5 Rules for Productive Meetings

Each day it is estimated that across North America there are 25 million meetings being held.  Everyone knows that meetings are a necessary part of doing business, yet many of these meetings are unproductive.  What may be equally frustrating is that as a leader you have to find a way to make your meetings effective and interesting, so your convenience store business can achieve its objectives. There is good news, you can accomplish your goals and keep everyone’s attention by following some simple rules. Meetings are generally held to deliver information, develop plans, or problem solve. Having a workable format to run your meetings can be of paramount importance to the success of your business.  Learn the 5 basics of productive meetings.

 5 Simple Rules for Productive Meetings

 1. Ask yourself if the meeting is necessary – Before you even call a meeting, ask yourself if you really need a meeting. Could a brief conversation with one or two people fit the need?

 2. Prepare an agenda – This will allow you to cover the topics that are necessary, and stay on track. Is your meeting a problem solving session, or a planning process that needs flushed out? Whatever one it is, people will appreciate the opportunity to prepare for the topics ahead of time.

 3.  Start the meeting by clarifying the objectives. This will help keep your meeting on track.  If your team members understand what you want to accomplish, they will be better focused on solutions. 

4.  Manage the process.  It is your job to lead the process.  If you are having a problem solving or planning session, make sure you get everyone’s input listened to, and the participation level is high.  Also make sure you adhere to the scheduled timeframe for the meeting.

 5. State actions – What did your team accomplish during the meeting?  Summarize the actions that need to be performed by whom, and by when, as a result of this meeting.  Make sure you review this information so everyone is on the same page.

 Having a productive meeting process will help you build a stronger team, and carry out the important growth tasks that help you succeed as a business. How are you and your team going to address issues like reducing shrinkage, and increasing your profit margins? Making a decision to seriously look at C-Store Office can dramatically improve your chances of success this year.

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