Five Communication Skills that Will Help You Now

A Key Leadership Skill

Verbal Communication

Communication has always been, and continues to be the number one problem in organizations. As a leader, you must clearly communicate with employees. Almost all work oriented tasks, from performance issues to your convenience store vision and future, begins with communication. Verbal communication is more precisely what we are referring to as the underpinning of successful teambuilding and positive results for your group. A leader who has difficulty clearly communicating his or her wishes often falls prey to performance problems. Managers sometimes blame employees, when the problem was really their communication skills were lacking. Learning how to effectively use verbal communication will greatly enhance your team and the success your convenience store will achieve. What’s a leader to do? Learn five communication skills that will help you now.

1. Make sure you are specific about what you want. Being straightforward and clear about your desires is a key component to effective communication.  Sometimes, if you are not sure your employees understand, ask them to repeat in their own words what they understand you to mean.

2. Watch your employee’s response. Look in their eyes for confusion, understanding, or resistance.  Most of what people think is not expressed verbally.  Learn to read your people’s mannerisms and gestures to get a clear picture of their response to your message.

3. Keep their attention. If you are communicating in a noise filled environment, move, or speak loudly.  Modulate your voice, so you can add emphasis to important points.  Pause or speak softly for added attention getting focus.

4. Eye Contact. Maintain eye contact when you are communicating.  If your eyes move around while you are expressing a complex point, your employee may lose focus on content.

5. Connect with them. Being connected means that the two of you are on the same page and both clearly understand the other.  For your part, pay full attention to the other person and make sure they have an ample opportunity to express their thoughts on your plan.  Of course, actually being open minded to their thoughts goes without saying, for effective leaders.


Better communication skills will help you build a stronger team, and carry out the important growth tasks that help you succeed as a business. How are you and your team going to address issues like reducing shrinkage, and increasing your profit margins? You need to plan and communicate if you are to achieve success with your team. C-Store Office can dramatically improve your chances of success this year.


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